Friday, January 1, 2010

Three heroes, cheap price, classic gameplay

You guess it, I'm talking about Trine. The game was released on the PC and later on PSN. I didn't play the PC version of this game but though I read quite the opposite somewhere I cannot imagine playing this game without a gamepad.

Trine is a classic side scrolling 2D Jump n' Run game. This genre kinda died when analog controllers and computers with enough power to render 3D games were invented. But Trine is the example that shows that 2D side scrolling Jump n' Run games are still around and as much fun as ever.

In Trine you'll have to lead a knight, a wizard and a (female) thief to victory over an undead army. That is almost the whole story of the game. Forget the story and just play the game, you will not regret it. You don't control all 3 heroes at once, you'll chose which one is the best for the current situation you are in, you can switch between them at all times. Most parts of the levels can be done with the one or the other, though there is always an easier way with one of them.

The graphics are amazing, the levels have so much detail and though there are only like 15 levels, every one is different from the other. Please keep in mind, this is a low price PSN title, you get what you pay for. You can finish the game in one day but it will be more than worth its price. In fact I would even pay more for this if I had to. It has been a while since I enjoyed a game as much as I enjoyed Trine.

Trine caught me with it's magic so much, it got me my first platinum trophy :) Even though getting platinum here is still challenging, I suppose it is much easier than in other PS3 games.

+ Awesome grapics
+ Fun gameplay
+ 3 completly different playable characters


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