Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The prince is back in HD

And he looks great. This game has a nice cell-shading look, and I think it works great for the Prince of Persia franchise. Even though this game is completly different to the trilogy back on the PS2. This game is more of a jump an run with reflex tests.

You'll have to free corrupted areas to get to each of the 4 bigger enemies. It starts off great but sooner or later you'll realize that this game doesn't hold much more than you'll already see in the first 1 or 2 hours of gameplay. It is very repetitive, always pushing the same buttons for wallruns and jumps and stuff like that. Later in the game you'll get bored very quick. The battles are limited to duels only. They are fun to fight, but like the rest of the game, if you've seen one battle you've seen every battle.

Don't misunderstand me, this game is a good middleclass game, but I wouldn't pay more than like 20 bucks for it. But for a reasonable price you will get a reasonable game. They could have made an awesome next-Gen prince, but unfortunatly he turned out only average. Maybe the sequel (and there will be a sequel) will be what we wished for, we'll see...

Unfortunatly the PS3 version of this game is poorly ported. You'll have some tearing and slowdowns from time to time. This does not happen on Xbox360.

+ Good game for a little fun in between

- Repetitive
- Poor PS3 port

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