Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Dark Knight returns

There isn't much to say about this game that has not already been said. It was probably the surprisingly best game of the year 2009. Most of the comic-based games out there are crap, but not this one, this one is awesome.

First of all let me say a word about the graphics, they are not outstanding, but they are good. No reason to bitch about the graphics. I didn't see any lags in the game and the loading times are close to zero once you are in the game.

The sound design and the action in this game are outstanding. You can easily master the basic skills of combat, as it is automated a lot, but for advanced combat techniques you'll need a bit of practice though. Not that you would need it to finish the game, but to achieve some of the trophies you will.

The story is very well written and this could also be a blockbuster movie. I was a bit sceptical at first if the Arkham Asylum Area is big enough to provide a gaming experience of more than 8 hours but it is, just doesn't seem that way at the first glance.

This game keeps you fascinated for 15 hrs+ and you'll need a strong mind to lay the controller down in between. Personally I liked one of the boss battles very much. Also solving all of the Riddler challanges (which is completly optional) was a lot of fun to me.

Since this game is multiplatform (PS3, Xbox360, PC) everyone should go and get it. Probably the best action game of the year 2009.

+ Very good story
+ Easy to get in the game
+ Sound design


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