Wednesday, December 16, 2009

PSN recommendations for the holidays

These are my recommendations for some PSN downloadable Games for the holidays:


Very nice Jump and Run Game with spectacular graphics. You can also invite up to 2 friends to play this game in Co-Op Mode.


Very relaxing game. You only need one button (any button) and the Sixaxis functionality. If you're sick of shooters or any other games that can be frustrating, even just a little bit, check this out. No time limits, no nothing, you just play, have fun, relax and enjoy!
Probably not a game for everybody though...

Fat Princess

I can't help but being reminded of DotA or Heroes of least a little. This is one team vs. another, base defending, using different classes (mages, warriors, archers) kind of game. It is a lot of fun to play online.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

Do I need to say anything about this one? Everybody know ths game from the good old Super Nintendo times. This time it's in 1080p.

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