Sunday, December 13, 2009

Action, Action and.. Action!

If you're looking for some adrenalin driven hours of gaming, this is the game for you. If you're looking for a good first person shooter, this is the game for you. Killzone 2 is just great. You'll know, that this game is PS3 exclusive, once you see the graphics, they are amazing. So is the sound. All in all it just makes you feel like the battlefield has come to your living room...or whereever you're PS3 is standing.

What I didn't like were all those little lags throughout the game, happens pretty often. The picture just freezes for about 1 second and then you're ready to kill some more Helghast.

Another thing that bothered me at first, was that the controls with the right analog stick felt a little sluggish. I got used to it pretty fast, but it felt definitly different than in Resistance 1 or Resistance 2.

The story ain't very deep nor is it very exciting, but it doesn't really matter in my opinion, since the gameplay is pretty fun. There are a few bosses in this game. Not really boss fights like you'll probably remember from Resistance 2, but let's just say they're much stronger usual enemies. There's only one real boss in this game, he's waiting for you at the end of the game. As we're talking about enemies, most of the enemies you'll encounter look the same. There are some minor differences though, but you probably won't really notice them. Would have been nice to have a bigger variety of enemies in my opinion.

I played Killzone 2 on medium difficulty, which was recommended for players who had some experience with first person shooters. In the beginning it's rather easy but the difficulty gets harder as you progress. It took me quite some time to finish the last level of the game.

Maybe it didn't really sound that way, but Killzone 2 is great. I guess it's the best first person shooter on the PS3 I've played so far. I liked it better than Resistance. The graphics are way better and the atmosphere is a lot more intense. In Killzone 2 you'll feel a lot more into the game, there are lots of details. Dust and Ashes flying around you, it's not as clean as many similar games tend to be.

Since Killzone 2 is a PS3 platinum  title, go and get it. It's very affordable and definatly worth its money. It also provides you with a lot of multiplayer action, since I'm not that into multiplayer, I did not really test it out myself.

+ Intense Atmosphere
+ Very good graphics

- Loading lags
- Short singleplayer (> 8 hrs)

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